Art Designer

Beijing Shanghai, China
RJD / 02

The Art Designer will define the future of the game along with the Game Design team, and turn the fantasy into reality. This position requires a solid foundation in drawings, imagination, knowledge and self-motivated learning skills.  The Art Designer will be involved from the concept design to the execution, until the every end of game release. We do not need you to just be a drawing labor. We think a Art Designer’s understanding and execution of the art should be comprehensive and deep. The Art Designer does not stand alone, he/she will influence every part of the game.

  • Create concept and clip arts, clarify the artistic and development goals for the execution teams
  • Create beautiful assets, like characters, scenes and objects
  • Define the mood, lightings and colors for the game graphics
  • Create amazing artwork along with inner and third party designers
  • Work closely with the engineering and operational teams
  • A passion for gaming
  • Able to do all the drawings from sketches, concept designs, to precise renderings
  • Capable of different styles of art
  • Over a year of experience in concept design/commercial clip arts projects
  • Good traditional drawing foundations, familiar with human/animal anatomy
  • Deep understanding of scientific drawing methods like perspective, shadow, lighting; able to pick up 3D and other assisting drawing techniques
Bonus Points:
  • Took part in the complete creation process of an AAA game
  • Familiar with any kind of 3D designing software like 3ds max or Maya
Quest Items:
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
You can also send a resume email directly if you have problems using the application form