1. What is the title of this game?

We have not settled on a name yet. The working title is a mix of our BOSSs two Corgis: Happy and Nemo.

It won’t be the final title.If anyone has good ideas about what we should call it, please send us an email at hello@recreate.games

2. What is the genre?

It will be a physics based party game. Our mission is to make our players laugh and have a good time with their close ones. There will be a certain level of strategy and fighting depth to it as well. Players will be able to play both online and offline.

Specific gameplay videos will be released in the future.


3. How did you make the physics engine for this game?

Well, it came from a very sophisticated level of physics based online neural network training that is inspired by nano technology… Just kidding.

Our team works slowly, bit by bit, manually, day after day trying to figure out how to apply realistic force to each joint and skeleton, so that we can achieve realistic looking character movements.

The physics driven movements from one year back looks totally different from how they look now. Believe me, Good product equals work time.


4. Are the Twitter videos actual gameplay?

The game is still in development. If the videos you see contain actually good looking maps, like the fighting arena and submarine, then yes, those are actual gameplay footage.

However, if the background is just basic grey tiled empty space, then that is just our testing floor. The testing floor is a space where we test out all kinds of new movements and mechanisms, and those testing floor video features might not be included in the actual game, because some of those are just bugs. We thought some bugs were really interesting and funny, so we recorded them, like the flying shark.

In the future, we will have videos that show off what the characters can actually do and how to do them. But for now just imagine that this is a character that is basically capable of what an average person is. It can walk, run, jump, grab whatever you think you can grab, carry stuff around, hit people, head butt, roll, kick, and even jump kick.

We are considering adding more movements, but we dont want to overcomplicate the controls, and on top of that, we will add more control techniques you can apply in the game for combat.


5. What is the release date?

The game’s release date is to be announced.


6. What platforms will this game be on?

Initially, Steam.

If everything goes well, we might also release on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile platforms.

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